Colin Kaepernick Can Win His Case Against the NFL

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Sensible people know that that when NFL executives discussed Kaepernick in private, when they thought no one outside their clique could hear them, some truly toxic, heinous shit was said, and some of that toxic shit is in emails, text messages and other corporate communications, all of which are discoverable.

Does the NFL Really Want This Rock Picked Up?

This is all old news, but Kaepernick’s grievance claim alleging collusion among the teams is keeping him unemployed has set in motion a legal proceeding in which corporate documents will have to be turned over during discovery and sworn depositions given. The statements those NFL executives made to Freeman on the record are a disproportionately hostile response to a peaceful protest seeking redress for a legitimate grievance. They are a microcosm of what Van Jones described as a “whitelash” in America, and that whitelash has only intensified since the election of Donald Trump. People are saying things out loud and in front of people that they knew to keep to themselves only a couple of years ago.

“Bosses beware — when we’re screwed, we multiply.”
— A trade union slogan

Kaepernick’s grievance claim could blow up the collective bargaining agreement the league has with the players’ union. The players are 70% black, and reams of racist statements coming out of front offices would further inflame already heated passions. What is being lost in the focus on Kaepernick (which is necessary and right) is that the NFL’s actions have the potential to galvanize a historically weak players’ union.

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Which NFL Owner is the Avery Brundage of This Situation?

This is a once-in-a-generation moment, one that will end up in history books. So far, NFL owners have been inexplicably falling over themselves to see who can be the Avery Brundage of the situation.

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