I don’t think it’s responsible to compare getting your wallet stolen to 400 years of systematic, incredibly brutal oppression. And please never, ever insinuate that Black Americans are to blame for what happened and is still happening to them. Their communities are targeted, denied basic services, and violently over-policed. Their suffering is deliberately engineered. (There are so many books and documentaries about this!) They are living under de facto apartheid, and it’s not going to take a phone call to a 1–800 number get them out from under it.

Enslaved Africans built the wealth of the United States. They were more valuable than all other capital. Their descendants continue to be abused and exploited. Sorry, but I’m not going along with the “it’s not the thief’s responsibility” narrative. America owes the descendants of its slaves a huge debt, and they should be made to pay it — and, yes, I mean reparations in the form of cold, hard cash. The knee-jerk reflex to gloss over and excuse White supremacy and the theft it continues to perpetrate is the result of propaganda. Stop falling for it. And miss me with “powerful lessons” about how Black Americans can improve their conditions by following the steps used to mitigate the inconvenience of having to replace stolen credit cards.

*squinting in Nanny of the Maroons* | Read my essay collection, DISPOSABLE PEOPLE, DISPOSABLE PLANET: books2read.com/u/mBOYNv | IG: kitanyaharrison

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