I never once mentioned feelings. All I stated were historical facts. That all you saw were “emotions” that are preventing Black Americans from solving their problems is quite telling. You got on Al Gore’s internet and compared slavery and apartheid to credit card theft! Since you’re so big on personal responsibility, why don’t you take some for making that horrible choice?

Now you’re minimizing a factual précis on institionalized racism in America to “feelings”. And all this is based on the incredibly racist assumption that Black Americans haven’t figured out that they have to take individual responsibility for their actions. Like over-policing and mass incarceration aren’t hammering that home in their communities every day. Like they don’t know they have to have near perfect credit scores to get a fair interest rate on a loan. They are violently and brutally punished for small mistakes White Americans skate by on every day. But please, tell us all more about how it’s their failure to act that’s holding them back.

Since no one seems to have told you: your arguments are right out of the “excusing oppression” playbook, as is never criticizing the oppressors, which you have yet to do. Your take isn’t fresh or interesting. It’s been used to justify enslaving and brutalizing people of African descent for literally centuries.

And since you obviously don’t read to inform your opinions, it falls on me to tell you that the problem of racism in America has been examined from pretty much every angle. Your ignorance doesn’t erase that. And how convinced you are that your fact-free opinions should be given any weight is, frankly, incredibly gross.

Keep this choosey-choice New Aged up White supremacy out of my comments and go commiserate with Kanye West on how simple it is to get out from under slavery and apartheid.

*squinting in Nanny of the Maroons* | Read my essay collection, DISPOSABLE PEOPLE, DISPOSABLE PLANET: books2read.com/u/mBOYNv | IG: kitanyaharrison

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