Kitanya Responds to Comments — 10

I’m still having computer problems, so I’m struggle-posting from a tablet. As a result, this will be a really short entry.

So… I made a list! John Gorman was kind enough to include me on his list of his favorite 20 writers on Medium. I’m really pleased and flattered to have been included, and I hope you’ll all check out the other writers’ work. John is also an amazing writer and a great follow here on Medium.

My most read piece this week was my story on how labor unions should get behind Colin Kaepernick. He’s a worker embroiled in a high-stakes labor dispute, and I think there are benefits for both him and organized labor if they teamed up.

Medium’s editors featured the post and changed the headline to say “Colin Kaepernick’s Suspension is a Labor Rights Violation.” Except as some Kaep-haters condescendingly pointed out: he wasn’t suspended. He opted out of his contract and was blackballed. I contacted Medium and alerted them to the error, and it was fixed a few minutes later. Can’t say I wasn’t miffed — I don’t like leaving low-hanging fruit out there like that. Nevertheless, no real damage was done, and the final headline — “Colin Kaepernick’s Exile is a Labor Rights Violation” — was better than what I had come up with on my own.

Collaboration has always been tough for me. I hated group projects I school. I want any mistakes in my work to be mine. I’d much rather work on my own, but if I want my writing to get to the next level, working with good editors is a must. Medium’s editors have treated me pretty well, and I can already see the improvement (especially in my headlines). Learning to be edited isn’t something writers discuss enough, and it’s something I’ll probably write more about in the future.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy what’s coming up next week (hopefully, not too many more struggle posts).

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