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Not sure what’s up, but it’s been a light week with no activity in the comments, so this will be super short. On Monday, I posted a piece I’m super proud of: Trying to Erase Colin Kaepernick from Madden NFL Could Turn into the NFL’s Chernobyl. For those of you who missed it, I discussed how Kaepernick-related content was suppressed in three versions of Madden (17, 18, and 19) using three different methods. It’s pretty clear EA was lying in their statement claiming editing his name out of a song was a mistake. It’s also pretty clear that the NFL’s role in these decisions needs to be investigated.

It was a tough piece for me to write. I don’t play Madden, so I knew nothing about the game or its features, so it took quite a bit of research (I didn’t sleep much last weekend). I’m really happy with the way the article turned out, but it made me realize what a huge benefit it would have been to have the support of a publication behind me. I’d have been able to dig even deeper with more resources at my disposal. I think I’m going to start pitching some of my ideas to publications to see if I can make a way for myself down this path.

Most of the reaction to the article came on Twitter. Kaepernick’s girlfriend retweeted me, and for a moment I was caught in between being elated and horrified that he might have read the article.

Being a writer is strange that way: we share our thoughts with the world, but it can be jarring to realize those thoughts sometimes get back to our subjects…

I’d planned on writing about Kaepernick for five or six weeks, and that time has run its course. Things seem to heating up again with the beginning of football season, though, and I have more to say, so I guess this is one of my beats now. I’m not sure how regularly I’ll post on the issue (I’d been posting every Monday), but there’ll definitely be more to come on Kaepernick, his protest, and his collusion grievance.

Hopefully, there’ll be comments for me to respond to next week!

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