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I know I’ve been teasing a follow-up to my article about the chicanery Electronic Arts pulled with Colin Kaepernick in Madden NFL for a while. I’ve been going back and forth with my editor at Medium for a couple of weeks, and I’m pleased to announce that the final version is in. I was hoping the piece would get posted yesterday, but it looks like it will be out early next week. It’s much more reporting than I’m used to doing, so it was quite challenging. I turned up some new info that I think will interest people, and I hope you’ll look out for it.

I took a couple of days off this week, in part because I thought the new Kaepernick piece would drop, and I didn’t want my articles to step on each other, but I also needed a bit of a break. I didn’t write much, but I’m re-thinking my approach to my writing and how I distribute it, and I’ve been mostly mulling over some of the choices I need to make.

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In addition, the spare time let me realize that I’m not sure I’m consistently getting notifications about new posts from the people I follow. That made me realize that some of my followers might be missing when I post new work. Pretty soon into this Medium adventure, I started an email newsletter, because I realized that changes to the platform/algorithm might affect me negatively, and I wanted an insurance policy. I’m going to add a more comprehensive round-up of my work to the emails, so if you think you aren’t getting notifications, please sign up, so you don’t miss anything!

I’m also active on Twitter (that’s the best place to find me), and I share all my articles there.

I also have a Facebook page where you can follow me.

Back to regularly scheduled programming.

It was a light week, because I was working on the Kaepernick piece then waiting for it to drop. My only post was a review of the movie, Under the Skin. My film recommendations are some of my favorite posts, but they don’t get much attention, so I was glad for these responses:

Terry Masson wrote:

I loved this film. I saw it on an overseas flight, and the way it danced around the classical tropes without using them while still telling a story we’ve seen before was brilliant.

I had a bad set of headphones, so the audio was a bit dodgy for me, but it added to the alien immersion of the film. Like Annihilation, it drew me in fully, and I loved every moment I felt awkward or surprised.

It’s still on my to buy list, but I agree with you and highly recommend it to any fans of more cerebral horror/suspense.

Lakitha Tolbert also recommends the film.

Yes, this! I saw this film about a year ago, and I found it frightening and haunting. It’s a very effective film because none of the answers are given to you. You have to figure it out what’s happening on your own. Some people might find that very unsatisfying, but I didn’t.

In summation, go see Under the Skin!

I’m still fiddling with balancing my Patreon and Medium posting schedules, but hopefully over the next couple of weeks, I’ll have the kinks worked out. Looking forward to finally sharing my new Kaepernick piece with you all next week!

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