I spend a lot of time on Twitter, and it’s how I get ideas for many of my stories. In this feature, I’ll share tweets of interest I came across during the past week.

One of reasons I like Twitter is that it allows me to observe how communication and storytelling are evolving in real time. There’s a certain directness Twitter’s character limit forces users to employ. Even corporate accounts aren’t messing around anymore. When Roseanne blamed her latest racist rant on having taken Ambien, here’s how Sanofi (the pharmaceutical company that makes Ambien) fired back.

The dismissive savagery… That edge of ridicule…

I also like the way regular people tell their personal stories — some which are eccentric and weirdly inspiring.

I kind of want to get dressed up in a super extra costume and take super extra photos in a forest too.

Twitter is also really messy. People don’t PR themselves as much as they do on Facebook and Instagram for some reason. And they give out really personal information. There’s a way people use gifs and memes to add the nuances of body language to their tweets that’s quite fascinating. Every now and again someone I follow retweets an incredibly messy story of a friend of theirs into my timeline. I should scroll by, but I’m always like:

This thread about how this guy had to take out a restraining order against a woman he met on OKCupid…

I’ll close with some architecture. I believe beautiful things and culture should be more accessible. Especially in publicly-funded buildings and infrastructure. Depending on the purpose, the materials, etc. don’t have to be super expensive, and the structures don’t have to be large. This is a public toilet.

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