I spend a lot of time on Twitter, and it’s how I get ideas for many of my stories. In this feature, I’ll share tweets of interest I came across during the past week.

I love old portraits. I sort of understand why some cultures were so supsicious of and superstitious about photography when they were first introduced to it. It’s easy to forget the people in the photographs have long been dead. That belief that a part of their essence or soul was stolen and placed in the photograph makes sense in a weird sort of way.

@moodvintage is one of my favorite Twitter accounts. They post a lot of great old photos, like this one of an Apache woman.

I really, really want architecture to become more accessible and democratized. Small spaces might be a good place to start. @archpics posts a lot of cool tiny spaces that are also works of art. This is an office shed. The same concept with a couple of more rooms built from affordable materials could make a nice starter house.

It feels like we’re living in end times. It’s like the earth has had enough of our shenanigans and is clapping back.

The volcanoes scare me. And I’ve found them fascinating since I was kid. is a great follow for explaining the science behind some of the things that are happening now — like why so many volcanoes are erupting violently.

I’ll close with more cool portraits from @moodvintage — this time of Black women living in the Victorian era.

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