When a Writer’s Routine is Broken

Towering Rage Ensues, then Introspection

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Writers are creatures of habit. We require consistency. When our routines are upended, things go awry quickly.

I usually write on a laptop. It’s not working at the moment, and it won’t be up and running again until sometime next week. So, I am typing this on my tablet. Right into the Medium app. Predictive text just turned my misspelling of “right” into “Rihanna.”

I am in a murderous rage.

I’ve never been the most adaptable person, but I’m usually pretty laid-back. Until I’m not.

I didn’t realize I had such a finicky work flow… There’s a way I go about setting down my story ideas, keeping track of what I’m writing and editing that’s been upended. I didn’t think I’d be this affected by a detour.

This obviously isn’t the first time I’ve had a tech issue, and I know how fortunate I am to have the privilege of access to a back up device. Nevertheless, I feel like my head is in a vise, because I have to keep suppressing the urge to smash things. I was just getting back into the groove after having some difficulty writing. I was getting closer and closer to The Zone. Now it feels like I’m back at square one.

Other things in my life aren’t going to plan either (but that’s for another post). It sort of feels like one of those moments when you turn into velcro and there’s linty bad luck all around you. Nothing goes right all the time for anyone. But we’ve all had those moments when it seems like everything is going wrong all at once. This feels like it could be the beginning of another one of those runs.

I know! Think positive thoughts! I am. I realize there is only so much I can control, and I’m doing my best to stay focused on those matters. That means writing. With only my thumbs, not all my fingers, and more slowly than I’m used to. It also means accepting that I won’t be at my best and finding a way to be all right with that. Holding myself to a high standard isn’t always a good thing, and maybe this change of routine will help me loosen up a bit on that front.

I’ve written this thing, which is more than I thought I’d accomplish. It’s not much, but at least I feel like I’m still on track.

(How do I add a photo to this…? Aaaargh…)

(Managed to get onto a desktop! Feel more in control! Added the link to my newsletter!)

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