Will There be a Rise in Ecoterrorism in Response to the Climate Crisis?

Kitanya Responds to Comments — 30

It’s been a really quiet week down in the comments.

I wasn’t sure I’d post. Signme Uplease saved the day with their comment on my piece, Disposable People, Disposable Planet. I’ve been talking about climate change a lot more lately, and it dovetails with all my discussions on fascism and violence more neatly than I’d like to contemplate. @SignmeUplease wrote:

If aliens from another planet did what we are doing, we’d fight with every last breath as a species to resist. What we’ve allowed those in power to do is absolutely insane.

One of my fears is that the only way climate change will start being addressed with the urgency it requires is if a critical mass of people start seeing it as a literal war and respond with violence. Remember when ecoterrorism was a big thing in the 90s and early 2000s? I think there might be a resurgence, but with an edge. The news that greenhouse gas emissions are ramping up changes the whole tenor of the climate change conversation. The responsible parties are accelerating the impending disaster. They’ve shown themselves willing to destroy life on the planet. Not everyone is going to be satisfied with protesting and petitioning their governments for change…

I think bombing pipelines and other oil and gas infrastructure is going to become more frequent. Extremists may go even further and start killing the people the people they believe are responsible. I think nearly everyone is severely underestimating how destabilizing this all could become in just a few years.

I genuinely believe that man-made climate change is a crime against humanity. The oil and gas executives who knew of the dangers and pressed ahead with their climate-destroying plans for money should be sent to The Hague and tried. If not, a brave, creative prosecutor somewhere the laws allow for this kind of action has to take up the task. Seeing people being held responsible may be the only thing that forestalls the violence.

I’m starting work on a project that may cut into my posting for the next few weeks, but I hope you’ll be happy with the final product when I present it!

Thanks for reading!

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