Yes, I Too Have an Author’s Newsletter

Welcome to the First Issue of “The In-between”

Many thanks and apologies to those of you who have held on through months of radio silence as I’ve decided what to do with my newsletter. I’ve changed the publishing platform to Substack, and will be sharing thoughts that don’t fit into the longer work I post on Medium and Patreon or in my microblogs on Instagram.

Reading Anand Giridharadas’s Winners Take All

I’ve finally started reading Winners Take All, which has been making appearances all up and down my Twitter timeline for what seems like ages. The book tackles the trouble with inequality and the problem of solving it. As I write this, I’m nearing the end of the first chapter, which deals with a young, idealistic Georgetown student’s decision to join the consulting firm, McKinsey & Co. Bits of her story were familiar. I attended a few elite American universities and ended up in a (short) career as a Wall Street lawyer. I don’t know if I’d ever have called myself an idealist, though — I learned pretty early on that people are capable of almost anything. Even so, I’ve always believed in fairness and equity and never bought into the notion that “hard work” entitled anyone to sit on a throne. I always felt like I was being scammed every time I was sold the line about the most “successful” people having worked the hardest. It was obvious just from sitting at our desks at school or running around on the play fields that some things were just easier for some of us.

Yes, They Really Are Concentration Camps (an addendum)

Last week, I wrote a post for my patrons called Yes, They Really Are Concentration Camps. In it, I discussed Chris Hayes balking at the term and Chuck Todd chastising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for using it. As I scrolled through Twitter, I was surprised by some of the people co-signing the sentiment and calling the use of the term “sensational.” Some of the facilities and practices pre-date the Trump regime, and I’ve written about the bipartisan building of the machinery that’s being supercharged now. Even so, there has clearly been a terrifying escalation.

Bush v. Gore

I know this is a weird segue, but everything that’s happening has had me thinking about Bush v. Gore for some time. That was the turning point in America, wasn’t it? When those votes weren’t counted, and judges appointed the President? Democracy got messy, so it was told to sit quietly, and it did. The capital wasn’t shut down as it would have been in many nations. Then 9–11 happened, and the never-ending wars began. My fear is that there’s going to be a remix of this in 2020, and the result will be the same. As concentration camps are filled.



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